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The following has been submitted as a correction to information in the editorial below: 

I normally don't look at type ohs, but in this case it is misleading and inaccurate.  I realize the scream is the opinion of the writer but it has some completely wrong information in the latest one.  The family that was awarded the $225000.00 dollars name was Washington -Bauer and the claim is not against Officer Bauer as listed.  The City of Vallejo settled with the Washington-Bauer family.  I have added the document from the city's agenda.


See the page from the agenda HERE 



Stop the Violence on All Ends


Thoughts on the December 16 City Council Meeting

By Cyndi Mitchell


primal_scream_banner.jpgI stood for 4 hours in the Vallejo city council meeting on Monday  because I am concerned about my city. I am tired of take take mentality of the Vallejo Police. I am tired of the complete disregard for human life that is inbred within the Vallejo Police Department. I am tired of the constant need for gratification and praise in order for them to do their job. They applied for a job that they are compensated very generously for, yet they act as if they are unpaid volunteers with no option of employment elsewhere. They claim our city is so bad but fail to own up to the part that they play in the conditions we are experiencing, I stood in Vallejo City Hall proudly holding my sign amongst a bunch of bullies holding signs boldly threatening the community, saying "Whose Next"? ...Whose next? do you mean who will you murder next? What crime scene will you alter next? who will you plant a pellet gun on next? or who will be next to experience your bullying and intimidation tactics?


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Faces in the Crowd 




By Vice-Mayor Stephanie Gomes



gomes_web2.jpgMonday, December 16, was my last “full” meeting of my two terms on the Vallejo City Council. And it was a tough one. A fitting end, I think, because so many meetings over my eight years have been just like this -- extremely difficult decisions, lots of controversy and people crowding the chambers with passions running high.

There’s one common thread that has been woven throughout all of these meetings for me: the faces in the audience. Friends and strangers alike, there were always familiar faces I could look to for a friendly smile, an emphatic shake of the head, or just a solid supportive presence. Some of these people have spoken eloquently and passionately at the podium, and some sat quietly and radiated their passion. You know who you are, and you’ve meant the world to me in some of my most difficult moments as a Councilmember.

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BAYARD RUSTIN LGBT POLITICAL CLUB TO MEET TONIGHT 12/19/13 -   Doors open at 6 pm, and the meeting begins at 6:30.  We’re meeting at the Fairfield Public Library Meeting Room at 1150 Kentucky Street in Fairfield. 


Your City Council Report

for December 16, 2013



View additional images from the meeting HERE

By Marc Garman -- with a little help from Anne Carr and slideshow by Angelo Paparazzi


Tuesday's meeting of the Vallejo City Council was painful, pivotal and final in equal parts. It is the first time that terms have been imposed on a City employee group (Vallejo Police) since the removal of binding arbitration from the Vallejo City Charter. It is also the last major act of the current City Council before newly elected members take their seats. The room was packed to overflow with supporters of the police, their family members and friends and a sizable contingent of concerned citizens. Many held signs urging LESS HATE, SUPPORT POLICE and PUBLIC SAFETY SHOULD BE FIRST etc.


dyan.jpgBut before all that though, firefighter Dyhanne Strohmeyer and her fellow firefighters and paramedics were honored for saving a young child who had fallen into a rushing stream. Apparently, Strohmeyer dove into the murky water repeatedly until she got hold of the child. Great work and a once again impressive performance from Vallejo's firefighters and paramedics. Presenting Dyhanne with the medal was Vallejo Fire Chief Ron Prince.

And now back to the other matter...The word hate was flying around the room all night. But it really was a hollow expletive without weight or merit. Even those who supported the imposition of pay and benefit cuts on the PD largely spoke of respect and even love for our officers, granting apologetic acknowledgment to the budget numbers and the need to make cuts in order to balance the budget.

Although, there did seem to be plenty of hate floating around for yours truly and this humble website. Councils may come and go, but VIB will persist. Just drives 'em crazy.


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Spiritual Walkers to arrive in Vallejo Dec 16 The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz was initiated by those on the original The Longest Walk in 1978. It began on July 15, 2013 in Washington D.C. and will arrive at Alcatraz on December 21, 2013. The purpose of this Walk will be to reaffirm the heart of Traditional Tribal Sovereignty rooted in Ceremony and land based spiritual relationships. We call on all Indigenous & Earth Peoples to come and support this Walk. For more information please call (202) 436-6576 or visit  

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Stop the Violence in Vallejo Vigil

12/15/13 -- There have been 26 homicides in Vallejo this year. Tonight citizens gathered at the waterfront to hold a vigil against violence. Approximately 75 people lit candles, spoke and listened.


photos: MG 




The Sunday Funny

 Officer Friendly

By the Bad Chemicals 



         Oh, the relevance....what more can we say!


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