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Unions Hold Press Conference--VIB Denied Entry


May 12, 2008

By Marc Garman

Public Safety Unions held a press conference today at the IBEW building on Amador St. at 11 AM.   A cadre of law enforcement guarding the door denied entry to VIB personnel and a small group of concerned citizens.  Ostensibly the reason was that we did not possess a press pass.


Our understanding from talking to press exiting the building is that the unions have put an offer on the table for permanent pay cuts (6.5% to start).  The big question is whether the cuts are enough to restore solvency to Vallejo and whether they are coupled to a contract extension.


CBS channel 5 was there so check their website to see what went on inside the chamber of secrets.


Our video:



The Sunday Funny !!!


May 11, 2008



 Oh, my!!!  



IAFF Guide to Surviving an Economic Crisis


Check out this link to the IAFF playbook.  Vallejo even gets mentioned by name.  Interesting and a bit too familiar. Click the link.   Surviving An Economic Crisis



Image       Video Coverage From May 6, 2008


A Mr. Scratchy Production



Reactions and comments after last night's unanimous city council vote for bankruptcy.  A combination of shock, relief and acceptance. Comments from:

1) Mayor Osby Davis

2) Councilmember Stephanie Gomes

3) Councilmember Joanne Schivley

4) J.D. Miller, CPA

5) Fire Chief Russ Sherman

6) Georgia Street Grill owner Danny Rojas 


(Note: The audio is a little difficult at the beginning of Mayor Davis' comments, but it gets better as you watch)

Click on the images below:

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Vallejo is Bankrupt


May 6, 2008

By Marc Garman


In a shocker tonight Vallejo's City Council unanimously voted to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. Many expected a 5-2 vote against such an action.  Tom Bartee stated that he would vote for bankruptcy in what turned out to be the first surprise of the evening.  The ensuing landslide of support for moving Vallejo into bankruptcy is sure to send a strong message to the public safety unions.


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