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It's Time to Take Our Medicine

By Stephanie Gomes -- former Vallejo City Councilmember 


gomes_web2.jpgDaniel Borenstein, columnist for the Bay Area Newsgroup, recently wrote a cautionary and sharp article on the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) and the unrealistic life expectancies they use  in their retirement system calculations. By using shorter life expectancies in their calculations, CalPERS is (again) underfuding the retirement system, which will eventually result in increased contributions to the system by local governments to make up for the "error". (And, as Borenstein points out, this is already on top of the underfunding of the system through overly optimistic high rates of return on their investments, which has and will continue to result in rate increases for local governments.) Borenstein said:

"The California Public Employees' Retirement System hasn't previously factored future mortality improvements into actuarial calculations. As a result, it has not collected enough money to pay pensions when workers retire.
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A Little Blob of Sunshine etc.  


from the Leader of the Angry Mob that Took over Vallejo

A fun night in Downtown? 



By Marc Garmanrar_web.jpg


I had a fun evening in downtown Vallejo last night. Now, don't accuse Yours Truly of suddenly turning into some sorta Pollyanna Lemon Drop or anything. I'm still as cynical and dour as ever. And no, I haven't been drinking.

But I have to admit it. Downtown Vallejo was pretty swingin' Saturday night. I can't believe I just said that, but seeing folks packed into the opening of Rar Farmer's Koham Press bookstore at 628 Marin Street for a celebration followed by a cozy and quirky Open Mic jaunt at the Artist's Hub in the Oddfellows building around the corner was a really fun evening and a kinda buzz that's been absent until recently. It's those damn Artists, Bohemiac types and generally Weirdos. Yup.


Now Old Timey Vallejoans, I know what some of you are thinking:

We need industry dammit. Welding and riveting. Building things and hitting diesel things with hammers and whatnot. Not these self important imported artsy Freakballs.  


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Perspectives from a new Vallejo resident-to-be


Confessions of a Macroneurotic


Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious -- Rumi

By Carol Pearlman


Moving to Vallejo  -- CAN I DO IT?

carol (2).jpg 

I never imagined I’d live in California; then I moved to West Hollywood and thought I’d stay forever. But, after twenty-five years enjoying the best weather and the most beautiful apartment in the hood, a rent-controlled historic landmark haven, I believe it’s time to go.

I need to re-imagine a new life. How many times I’ve done that, I can’t even count, but this will be the last time, so I’d better do it right. I want to be near (but not too near) my grandkids in San Francisco; I need clean air, good climate, and reasonable housing - which doesn’t exist in San Francisco - plus something I always missed in Los Angeles – a sense of community, a feeling of belonging.


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How Green is their Valley?



A Primal Squeak by Wharf Rat


Read the City of Vallejo press release HERE


wharf rat.jpgThe Green Valley Land Owners Association (GVLA) has filed suit against the City of Vallejo (COV) seeking 70 million dollars from the working class Citizens of our City, this almost laughable lawsuit is a ploy to steal the Vallejo Lakes water system or to acquire it way below it's real market value . The GVLA (GVLA.COM) has for years been jockeying to develop 400 upscale single family homes and 100 Mcmansions in middle Green valley . To date Solano County has spent well over 1 Million dollars on studies and EIR related projects in support of this private development , availability and cost of potable water has been an obstacle for this development and future area property developments . 


The lawsuit is a bold attempt to leverage COV to continue to subsidise treated water connections in Green Valley while in fact increasing the cost to subsidize this system by the Citizens of Vallejo who have no current connection to the Vallejo lakes system water and currently spend over $ 100,000 per year to deliver treated water to Green Valley residents and businesses . The Vallejo lakes system  once served all of Vallejo's water needs and along with over 1200 acres of watershed was purchased in the 1800's by COV . 


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1/23/14 - This just in: Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla has issued a letter expressing her regrets at having "simply relied on the vetting that other leaders, organizations and clubs did in their own endorsement processes," in endorsing Jon Riley and Jumpstart endorsed candidate Anthony Summers without doing her own vetting. Read full letter HERE 



Jumpstart Leader Riley  WHOMPED at Dem Central Committee


By Marc Garman

1/23/14 -- Divisive and power hungry Jumpstart Vallejo leader Jon Riley has just experienced another political setback and fine example of BLOWBACK from the scorched earth policy of his recent political campaign in Vallejo.

With the appointment of four new LGBT leaders to the Democratic Central Committee, it is clear that Riley is rapidly losing the once iron clad grip he held on Democratic politics in Solano County.

While Riley's Jumpstart campaign succeeded in electing special interest funded Vallejo City Council candidates Malgapo, Dew and Verder-Aliga, it would seem that his support of openly homophobe affiliated candidate Anthony Summers has resulted in the unexpected rise of a new political movement that has thus far been very successful at routing Riley's efforts to maintain control of the Democratic Political Machine in the County. I have a feeling this is just the beginning. 

Nominated to the Central Committee were: Kristin Loomis, David Crumrine, Craig Scott and Stephen Hallett. 

One observer in the room noted that Riley felt compelled to leave when the new members took the oath of office.


More details in Bayard Rustin Political Club press release HERE 


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