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Analysis of 2012


public employee


salary database

By Robert Schussel, Ph.D



To provide a detailed analysis of selected cities in the 2012 California Public Employee salary database to determine average wage of City of Vallejo employees compared to other city employees in the state.






Each year the California State Controller’s Office conducts an employee salary survey of local and state entities. By aggregating the data, wage comparisons across the 479 cities in the database can be made.

For many years the Vallejo City Employee Unions have claimed that their members were not well paid or just average in pay.


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Vallejo Employees STILL Rank Near






in Wages for State According to Comptroller


By Marc Garman

According to figures released by California State Comptroller, Vallejo employees are ranked as having the fifth highest wages in the state based on 2012 figures. Employees of our humble City, with it's history of bankruptcy and blue collar roots beat out swanky high end communities such as Hillsborough, Los Gatos and Tiburon as well as our big neighbor San Francisco for wages. In fact, the first city in Solano County to appear on the list is Vacaville on page 5 followed by Fairfield on page 14. At first blush, the ratio of employees per resident seems to indicate what we pretty much have known: We are understaffed, but we pay a lot for the few.

The doctrine of “Cut the staff as much as you want, we wanna be paid.” has clearly been an effective tool. LINK

The ranking of the top 5 highest employee wage cities in California is as follows:

  1. Vernon

  2. Hayward

  3. Sand City

  4. Los Angeles

  5. Vallejo

Scandal riddled Vernon with a population of 121 residents and Sand City with 338 residents are outliers with little impact overall due to their extremely small size.

See the data on the Comptroller's website HERE

See the breakdown for Vallejo HERE




JumpStart Faithful Booted from



Power in Local Democratic Club




By Marc Garman and United Democrats of Southern Solano County Press Release


kick_ass.jpgIt would seem that the divisive SLASH AND BURN tactics employed by Jon Riley, leader of the JumpStart Vallejo movement that supported councilmembers Dew, Malgapo, Verder-Aliga and "also ran" Tony Summers is seeing the first wave of BLOWBACK as last night's take-over of the United Democrats of Southern Solano County made clear. Notably, Rick Grant who ran the PAC that opposed the JumpStart campaign with television ads was elected president of the club. Other officers include Miguel Castillo, David Crumrine, Paula Bauer and Anthony Pearsall. Former club President Jonathan Gordon, a strong supporter of Anthony Summers who was seeking re-election was soundly defeated.   



Press release below:


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Ed. note: VIB has received numerous requests to post the text of comments from Stephanie Gomes at the 1/7/14 Council Meeting, so here they are:    


Remarks from a departing Vice-Mayor


The End of the Beginning

By Stephanie Gomes


Before I begin, let me thank first and foremost my family, for understanding my absences and single-minded preoccupation these past eight years. I’d like to dedicate my two terms to my mom, who passed away one year ago this month. She taught me to be a strong and independent woman and to stand up and fight injustice, to use my strong voice to speak for those who didn’t have a voice, or whose voices weren’t so strong. Mom was was at every election night party, every swearing-in, and if she could be, she would be here with me tonight to walk up that isle and out the chamber doors. I think she’d be dancing up that isle, actually, as she wanted me to be done with this work so badly. Well mom, I’m done!

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Motel Madness

 (It doesn't look like this)


 Tales of Crime, Police Calls and Chaos



Editor's note: With the sale of The Vallejo Inn to Cal Maritime one of Vallejo's problem motels is on the way to becoming something positive. But how bad actually is the Vallejo Inn? Read on to find out....what Reeeeeeeealy Bad looks like statistically.


By Robert Schussel, Ph.D



To investigate the number of Calls for Service received by the Vallejo Police Department for eight (8) Motels located in South Vallejo.


Over the past several years there have been anecdotal reports of high police activity associated with some of the Motels located in South Vallejo. Citizens believe that some of the Motels are attracting a negative element. They also believe that the Motels require a great deal of service from the Vallejo Police Department at a time when the number of Police available to serve the rest of Vallejo is inadequate.

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