Image    City Council Teleconference Extravaganza Yields Nothing



By Marc Garman                                                                                             


According to a report just in no action was taken at this evening's much anticipated closed session.  Mayor Osby Davis participated via teleconference from his vacation location in Myrtle Beach SC. 


Apparently, the agenda indicating that public safety negotiators would be present was misleading.  Negotiators were not present and council merely received an update from the city's bankruptcy attorneys and city staff. 


Mayor Davis emphasized that the proceeding was in full accord with the Brown Act and that public notice had been posted in his location as well to assure compliance.


Thank you to Mr. Sam Kurshan for being the only member of the public present and providing us with this update.


We at VIB wish Mayor Davis a restful vacation and await the May. 6 council meeting.


P.S. Staff recommendations must be posted by this Friday to be in compliance with the Brown Act.  Get ready...the cat's starting to exit the bag.