Unions Hold Press Conference--VIB Denied Entry--5/12/08


Unions Hold Press Conference--VIB Denied Entry


May 12, 2008

By Marc Garman

Public Safety Unions held a press conference today at the IBEW building on Amador St. at 11 AM.   A cadre of law enforcement guarding the door denied entry to VIB personnel and a small group of concerned citizens.  Ostensibly the reason was that we did not possess a press pass.


Our understanding from talking to press exiting the building is that the unions have put an offer on the table for permanent pay cuts (6.5% to start).  The big question is whether the cuts are enough to restore solvency to Vallejo and whether they are coupled to a contract extension.


CBS channel 5 was there so check their website to see what went on inside the chamber of secrets.


Our video: