Better Vallejo to hold Rally for Marriage Equality
Today 6 PM Vallejo Ferry Terminal
By Better Vallejo
Today the Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a case which will determine whether marriage equality will exist for the 18,000 couples who were previously married in California before Prop 8 and for all those same sex couple who wish to share their lives in marriage. 
There is a rally at 6 PM in Fairfield today. But since a large number of people were not able to make it to Fairfield, and also felt that Vallejo, as the largest city in Solano County, deserved it's own show of support for Marriage Equality, we decided at the ninth hour to hold our own rally, to support the decisions being made in Washington DC as well. We are encouraging those who are planning to go to Fairfield to continue with their plans. If you are unable to go, please join us.
The rally will start at 6PM at the Ferry Terminal on Mare Island Way in Vallejo. There are many people who come through Vallejo on their way home to Napa and other cities who won't see those rallying in Fairfield. We believe we can make a visible statement about Marriage Equality and about our city by rallying as well. There are over 150 events in all 50 states. Vallejo deserves to be a part of this historic event as well. Please register as an attendee by joining the facebook event page. We will have signs but would really like people to bring their own signs, flags and whatever else as well. Wear Red to show your support. We hope you can join us or those in Fairfield today.
More info available here:!/events/550311255001208/