Liat Meitzenheimer


announces Bid for Vallejo City Council Seat



By Liat Meitzenheimer for City Council Press Release


Liat Meitzenheimer, Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD) Board Member and longtime community leader, has announced she is running for one of four open seats on the Vallejo City Council in November.


When asked why she’s running, Liat said, “Vallejo’s recovery is still in its infancy, and will require constant oversight, strong leadership, vision, and a love for this city. We need honest, dedicated leaders who know what’s happened in the past and will ensure we don’t re-create the mistakes that led us down that road to bankruptcy. My involvement and accomplishments in the community prove that I can be that leader. ”


She added, “In my 12 years on the GVRD Board of Directors, we’ve successfully balanced a $7 million budget at a time of decreasing funding and increasing costs. At the same time, we maintained good relationships with GVRD employees, and provided quality services by keeping parks open, creating five new parks, including the Glen Cove Nature Area, and renovating Children’s Wonderland.”

Having been on the board for 12 years and being involved in countless city programs including four years on the steering committee for Unity Day, fifteen years on the Vallejo Alcohol & Tobacco Policy Coalition, ten years on the City of Vallejo Human Relations Commission, and most recently as the lead coordinator for the Building Relationships community meetings in partnership with the Department of Justice, the Vallejo Police Department and the City of Vallejo. I know I can hit the ground running if I’m elected. I’m retired and I have the time, skills and dedication to focus on the big job ahead of the City.”

Meitzenheimer ended, “If elected, I will focus on attracting and maintaining quality new businesses and developments, increasing public safety through more revenue generation, approving affordable contracts and improving relationships with the City and its employees, and increasing the quality of life in all of Vallejo’s neighborhoods. With my experience, I will help find solutions that are affordable and balanced.”