Follow the Money



D.A. du Bain pours BIG BUCKS into Campaign


5/29/14 – Attention Vallejo Voters! We've all been getting the big fat fliers in our mailboxes for the upcoming election. None more frequent or contentious than the mailers for the battle between incumbent Solano County District Attorney Don du Bain and challenger Krishna Abrams. There's a lot of this and that said in the glossy fliers. But you can't believe that crap! That's the pill each side wants you to swallow. If you want to get to the bottom of it...FOLLOW THE MONEY!! And remember, the informed voter is their worst nightmare! The money and the power behind the candidate is something YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT when you go to the polls, so if you haven't been following this story, which has been covered in several short articles in the Daily Republic here are a few links regarding the money. Hasn't been a whole lot in the T-H. Interesting reading.