By Gary Cloutier

        Posted 01/23/2008


Challenge the Recount!

Dear Vallejo Voter,

Doing the right thing is never easy. That is why I filed a contest to dispute the recount results in the Vallejo Mayor’s race. On January 27, 2008 at 4 p.m. at 733 Tennessee Street in Vallejo, I intend to hold a public meeting to disclose all I know about this election and contest, and to seek funds to pay for this effort. Here’s why I have taken this action.

  • The day after county officials told me they had “counted every ballot”, and that I lost the election by three votes, the Registrar called my campaign manager to report that they had found a ballot marked in my favor “in the trash,” and the margin of victory was no longer three but two votes.

  • In a memo dated December 20, 2007, county officials advised the Board of Supervisors of an eleven vote discrepancy between the machine (under which I was sworn in as Mayor by five votes) and the hand recount. The Board was told that most but not all of the discrepancies could “reasonably be explained.”

  • The Board of Supervisors was further told that in a secret staff recount of the board recount in four out of the 47 Vallejo precincts, the recount was incorrect in two and that I “most likely” received one of those votes. If 2 of the 4 precincts were wrong, one has to wonder what the outcome would be if all the precincts were recounted.

We saw what happened in 2001 when the Supreme Court ordered a halt to the recount in Florida and stole the elections for the Republicans. It is time to stop bureaucrats and judges from pushing the voters around! I have advanced $26, 000 to attorneys who specialize in election law to file a contest against Osby Davis who is, unfortunately, and as a result of procedure required by law, the named defendant. I am advised that the attorneys’ fees may reach $100,000 to get to the bottom of what happened in this election and to seek a fair outcome for all. That is why I need your help. You may send your donations to Friends of Gary Cloutier, Box 713, Vallejo, California 94590 or go to: http://GARYFORMAYOR07.COM for more information or to make a donation by Pay Pal.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Very truly yours,

Gary Cloutier