And now the Sewer is Rising ?


By John and Maureen Kocourek




Water rates are going up 24% over the next 5 years and now Vallejo Sanitation and Flood is going to jack up the rates for the waste water.  For residential, the waste water increase will add up to about 12.5% over the next 3 years.  There are a lot of folks in Vallejo who cannot count on a 12.5% income increase over the next 3 years, so once again, we'd like to see the District cut costs instead of hiking sewer rates.  Are VSFCD personnel going to receive any pay increases over the next 3 years?

Here's a link to the message they're mailing to customers:

A public hearing on the proposed wastewater rates is scheduled for

TUESDAY - July 28, 2009 at 6:00 pm
Council Chambers – 555 Santa Clara Street – Vallejo, CA

The public hearing is a forum for interested persons to appear and be heard. The Board cannot approve the proposed rates if written protests are received from a majority of affected parcel owners by the start of the hearing. Written protests may be offered at the hearing, by U.S. postal service, or by other delivery service to VSFCD, 450 Ryder Street, Vallejo, CA, 94590. Written protests must include the account holder’s name and either the service address or VSFCD account number. Protests by fax or e-mail will not be accepted.

We have attached protest forms for anyone who would like to disagree with the proposed rate hike.

John and Maureen



Double Sewer Protest Form


Single Sewer Protest Form