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H. Martin Foundation Criminal Syndicate


By Marc Garman


Lately Pastor Rey Bernardes, founder of The Global Center for Success (GCFS) in Vallejo CA,  is trying to downplay his connection with The H. Martin Foundation (HMF). Bernardes claims that he is merely an applicant for a grant from HMF, and has stated that he “only goes to meetings” held by the foundation.

But how does one ethically reconcile meetings of any sort with what appears to be a criminal syndicate?

At this point VIB has made extensive contact with numerous victims who have been defrauded by HMF. Something on the order of a thousand victims or more may have lost many many hundreds of thousands of dollars in California alone to the criminal machinations of HMF Global Vice Chair Flor Lat Villapando and her cadre of faithful HMF followers. More victims are coming forward and making themselves known to VIB. (We are unable to comment on what action, if any, may be taken by law enforcement.)

The size and extent of the criminal fraud that is The H. Martin Foundation continues to reveal itself.


Any grant monies Bernardes might hope for can only come from the pockets of victims. Ordinary people who have been cheated.

In our extensive research VIB has contacted numerous individuals who have connections to The H. Martin Foundation. Over and over again, the default response to inquiries has been “Speak to Rey Bernardes. He's the contact person.”

Courting the Criminals

"Holy cows make the best hamburger”—Mark Twain

The H. Martin Foundation has no valid legal entity. In his article Peeling the Onion, VIB researcher Inigo Montoya outlined this in great detail. Corporate entities tied to HMF are either in default or nonexistent.

Claims by Bernardes and the H. Martin Foundation regarding recognition by the United States Federal Reserve are patently false. The Federal Reserve issued the following reply to an inquiry by VIB researcher Jim Sarmiento:

Mr. Sarmiento:

Thanks for the email. Please note that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York does not hold any account for the H Martin Foundation.


Kristin Sturm

Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Legal Department

Counterfeit bonds, bad checks, a growing cadre of angry victims and still Pastor Rey Bernardes allows his image to be used by the H. Martin Foundation. Bernardes appears in their promotional videos (I have seen this personally) and describes his relationship with The H. Martin Foundation with the words “We decided to come on board.”

Bernardes claims of “no affiliation” may apply in the strictest legal sense, but not on any other level. Bernardes was recently interviewed in the Fil-Am Star by his brother in-law and reporter Ed Yra. Pastor Bernardes indicated that he had met with HMF founder Eddy Torwatadinata as many as six times in recent years and stated:

I am realistic enough to understand the fact that people will not believe until they see the funding in real tangible form …. to see is to believe, as the saying goes,” and added that the H. Martin Foundation is “true and real”

His words help lend credibility to a group engaged in criminal activity, and yet he has made no effort to retract them.

Sources inside The Global Center for Success have indicated to VIB that Bernardes and GCFS engaged in a series of lengthy meetings with representatives of the H Martin Foundation. The following image was taken inside the Global Center for Success conference room and provided to VIB by an anonymous source. It is an outline for the integration of The H. Martin Foundation and the Global Center for Success.


Of particular note is the word “partnership” in the upper left corner. References to Trillions and Billions of dollars are splattered about along with a supposed goal of “$5,000,000.00 or more” in annual income.

Of course this is pure fantasy as are the reams of bogus checks issued by HMF founder Eddy Torwatadinata to dazzle prospective victims:



























Additionally, a brochure provided during the August 7, 2009 HMF presentation at The Global Center for Success describes an “integration and collaboration” between the two organizations and the emergence of a new organization to be called: The H. Martin Global Community Center for Success. The proposed name change seems a bit much if Bernardes is merely hopeful for grant monies as he claims.


In the August 7 meeting, Bernardes and the other HMF representatives present encouraged the many local non-profits there to join with the H. Martin Foundation. The only accurate term to describe this gathering would be “recruitment meeting”. You can read my account HERE.

They haven't asked me for any money.” is the mantra that Pastor Rey Bernardes continually repeats. He clings to that phrase like a shipwreck victim clutching any piece of detritus with buoyancy. Unfortunately, the H. Martin Foundation continues to do tremendous damage. The victims are mostly religious and mostly Filipinos. The very same community that comprises Bernardes' flock at his church “The Lord's Fellowship”.

As Pastor Rey Bernardes works to help people in the community here in Vallejo, he also helps a criminal syndicate ply their fraud on others by lending his image and credibility. At what point does denial cross the line into awareness and become complicity?

The H. Martin Foundation web of fraud, counterfeiting and deception has worked hard to plant roots here in Vallejo. Will Pastor Rey Bernardes stand against fraud, or continue to be a pawn of criminality?

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Learn how the H. Martin Foundation is apparently using images of The City of Vallejo and Vallejo's Mayor Osby Davis, and past Vice Mayor Hermie Sunga to move their criminal efforts forward. A mix of dogmatic denial and a shocking lack of due diligence have been taken advantage of.



Past Vice Mayor Hermie Sunga welcomed the H. Martin Foundation to Vallejo in spite of VIB having published our first article questioning the validity of HMF.

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We must not allow The H. Martin Foundation to co-opt The City of Vallejo as a tool to promote fraud. Find out more in our next installment.


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