Mare Island Stolen by H. Martin Foundation



 Criminal Syndicate




By Marc Garman

The above video appears on the new H. Martin Foundation YouTube channel.  It shows Mare Island and refers to the “H. Martin Global Community Center for Success”.   While Pastor Rey Bernardes of the Global Center for Success on Mare Island appears to have once considered some sort of affiliation with the H. Martin Foundation, he indicated, in a telephone conversation earlier today that this is no longer the case.

The video uses images of Vallejo's Mare Island and implies that some sort of affiliation between Bernardes' organization and HMF is pending. Bernardes indicated that he was “not aware of it” and stated “No one has contacted me.”


Bernardes, Mayor Osby Davis, Vallejo's Vice Mayor (safe to assume past Vice Mayor Hermie Sunga) are all mentioned as HMF faithful in a rambling diatribe published on the HMF website: Link to HMF website HERE

HERE as a PDF.

  • Bernardes indicated this morning that he has no affiliation to HMF.

  • Mayor Osby Davis indicated, at the March 9 City Council Meeting, that neither he, nor the City of Vallejo are conducting or plan to conduct business with HMF, and promised official correspondence to that effect (pending).

  • Past Vice Mayor Hermie Sunga indicated to VIB during a recent Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce mixer, that he has issued a personal cease and desist letter to HMF World Vice Chair Flor Lat Villapando. (He refused to provide a copy, although I did request it)

Put simply, The H. Martin Foundation is a criminal syndicate disguised as a charitable organization. They are involved in counterfeiting US Treasury Notes and defrauding victims of considerable sums of money. They use images, and the names of individuals to create the appearance of credibility and defraud their victims. Vallejo is being used as bait.

See our extensive research on the fraud that is HMF: HERE

As a Vallejo resident, I find the use of our city for the purpose of promoting criminal fraud to be repulsive. I urge Mayor Osby Davis, past Vice Mayor Hermie Sunga and Pastor Rey Bernardes to stand firm publicly against even the implication that Vallejo is affiliated with the criminal enterprise that is the H. Martin Foundation. Anything less is complicity.





H. Martin Foundation Global Vice Chair Sang Uook Chun is currently cooling his heels in a Korean prison. 

He was arrested at Incheon Airport in 2006 for smuggling counterfeit Japanese Yen bonds. 


See the article from the Incheon News HERE

In the original Korean HERE


Stay tuned.  There's sure to be more.